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Brussels, 4 March 2015


Vienna, 10 June 2014


Brussels, 30 October 2013


Public Workshops

The target audience of these workshops were companies that needed to comply with sustainability criteria for solid and gaseous biomass in the next years. This was a diverse target group as it includes the entire  biomass cycle: farmers/forest owners who produce biomass feedstock, companies that convert feedstock into intermediate and final products (such as wood pellets, wood chips, bioliquids, heat, cooling, electricity and biofuels) and companies that distribute, sell and use these products. In the Renewalbe Energy Directive and Fuel Quality Directive these companies are referred to as “economic operators”. The workshops was also be open to other interested stakeholders such as verifiers, consultants, researchers, etc.

The first workshop was held in Brussels on 30 October 2013, a second one took place in Vienna on 10 June 2014 and also dealt with the BioGrace tool on liquid biofuels. A third workshop was organised again in Brussels on 4 March 2015.

The workshops were aimed to inform participants (1) how European member states are going to regulate GHG calculations for electricity, heating and cooling from biomass, and (2) the BioGrace GHG calculation tool is available to perform these calculations.