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Policy Makers Workshops

Policy maker means ministerial directors and their specialists and advisors who are responsible for putting sustainability criteria for biofuels and for solid and gaseous biomass into national legislation or who are involved in discussing such sustainability criteria, as well as the corresponding staff at the DG Transport and Energy of the European Commission.

We were trying to reach every policy maker concerned in the EU28.

The 1st policy makers workshop took place in Brussels on 19 March 2014.

The aim of this workshop was threefold:

  1. To present the outputs/deliverables to the policy makers, and give them the opportunity for a first reaction
  2. To have a first discussion with the policy makers on harmonisation, inviting them to phrase their current position on this subject
  3. To start identifying which are the elements (in general, and also specifically in the tool) that need to be improved before member states can possibly decide for harmonisation.

In the two months after the workshop, the project partners had follow-up meetings with their national policy makers to discuss the outcome of the workshop and to identify – in full detail – which are the elements that need  to be improved according to the policy makers.

Toward the end of the project, a seconde policy makers workshop was organised in Brussels on 6 March 2015. The workshop focused on member states having or willing to introduce sustainability criteria for solid and gaseous biomass.