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Feedback sessions for companies

Per feedback session it was aimed to have ten to 15 persons present from a range of different economic operators such as companies producing biomass, companies producing heat and/or electricity, traders (for instance of wood pellets), and R&D organisations.

The purpose of the sessions was (1) to give an introduction on the aim of BioGrace-II and the products it is delivering and (2) to receive feedback on the GHG calculation tool in progress. In preparation of the workshop, the participants were asked to already study the items of the tool that are to be discussed.

There was a first round of feedback sessions in spring 2013 dealing with first draft of the Excel tool and the drafts of the methodological background paper and the calculation rules; and a second round from May 2014 to February 2015 covering version 1 or 2 resp., the user manual, and again the calculation rules. A feedback session lasted half a day.

Sessions took place in Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK.