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Expected results by the end of the project in 2015

  • An Excel GHG calculation tool has been developed and disseminated

The first output is an Excel GHG calculation tool for electricity, heating and cooling from biomass, plus an underlying methodological background document and calculation rules.

  • Policy makers have decided to harmonise GHG calculations

In the project policy maker workshops and technical meetings with policy makers will be organised and held. The outcome of these workshops and meetings is that by the end of the project at least six member states have agreed and decided to harmonise GHG calculation of electricity, heating and cooling from biomass by (i) adopting the BioGrace-II calculation rules and (ii) either using the BioGrace GHG Excel tool or using the list of standard values which will ensure that GHG calculations give the same result.

  • Companies (including verifiers) have been involved

In feedback sessions and workshops companies will give feedback, causing that they have confidence in the applicability of the GHG calculation tool and the calculation rules. As a result of the sessions to train the trainers of verifiers, verifier trainers of voluntary schemes get trained in GHG calculations and pass the information on to the verifiers that they train.

The combined outcome of the three points above will be that biomass trading barriers have been reduced and that verification of sustainability information is enhanced, both causing reduced administrative costs and facilitating the development of large-volume biomass supply chains.