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Please note!

Please note that the BioGrace-I GHG calculation tool has become outdated since the recast of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED-II) has been implemented in all EU member states.

The BioGrace-I GHG calculation tool currently is not suited for making GHG calculations for demonstrating compliance to the RED-II, as it contains outdated default values, outdated disaggregated default values and outdated standard values (conversion factors and GHG intensities of natural gas, electricity etc.). The tool is outdated as it was developed for making actual GHG calculations under the RED (2008-june 2021) and as the tool has not yet been updated to include the RED-II values.

The BioGrace GHG calculation tool

The BioGrace greenhouse gas (GHG) calculation tool is in line with the sustainability criteria of the Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC, RED) which are equally stated in the Fuel Quality Directive (2009/30/EC). The recognition is based on RED Article 18 (4-6) and refers to proving compliance of RED Article 17 (2) and RED Annex V on GHG emission saving.

Please note that the BioGrace-I GHG calculation tool is not in line with the sustainability criteria of the RED-II (i.e. the recast of the RED).

The BioGrace tool is a comprehensive, user-friendly GHG calculator based on Excel, featuring unanimously defined standard values, detailed calculation rules, and a user manual. It is available as a ZIP-package that contains

  • BioGrace Excel tool - version 4d.xls
  • BioGrace calculation rules - version 4d.pdf
  • BioGrace user manual - version 4d.pdf
  • BioGrace additional standard values - version 4d.xls.

With the updated version 4d, it is possible that the scheme holder modifies pathways or adds new pathways to the tool (see the ‘About’ sheet). These pathways are made publicly available – without any prefilled input values and with the track change mode turned to ‘on’. These pathways are not integrated in the main BioGrace I tool but published as separate files. Nevertheless, they are part of BioGrace I as a recognized tool, which means that they underlie all BioGrace I calculation rules and that they can be used in combination with other schemes. The modifications do not need to be checked by auditors as the scheme holder will make sure that all modifications are correct. The European Commission is informed about the modifications / new pathways.

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Currently the BioGrace voluntary scheme is managed by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU), one of the former project partners. The recognition is valid for a 5-year-period, that is until June 2018.